Contact 188JILI – Bookie’s Customer Care Service

✅ Official Agent ⭐️ 188jili
✅ Bookmaker ranking in Vietnam ⭐️ Top 1
✅ Head Office ⭐️ Manila, Philippines
✅ Sports Betting ⭐️ Saba Sport, CMD, UG, SBO
✅ Customer care ⭐️ Open 24/7
Contact 188JILI

188JILI is known for its professional and dedicated customer service. The bookmaker offers a variety of contact methods to ensure that any player queries are resolved promptly.

Cases to Contact 188JILI

Players should contact 188JILI in the following situations:

  • The problem is related to confusion in payout or betting.
  • Difficulty logging in, registering an account or depositing/withdrawing money.
  • Complaints about fraud cases.
  • Sign up to receive offers and promotions.

Customer Care Service Review

188JILI is highly appreciated for the quality of customer care service thanks to:

  • 24/7 support, ensuring quick answers to all questions.
  • Diverse contact channels help players easily connect in emergency situations.
  • A team of professional, experienced consultants, always ready to support.

Fast and Effective Contact Forms

  1. Live Chat : Players can use the online chat tool on the website to immediately contact a consultant.
  1. Hotline: Call directly to the dealer’s switchboard to receive a quick response.
  1. Email: Sending questions via email, although the response speed may be slower, you will receive a detailed answer.
  1. Telegram: Contact via Telegram for quick and free support.
  1. Through Agents: Use the services of agents to resolve queries, especially useful when other channels are overloaded.

Some Notes When Contacting 188JILI

  • Choose the most suitable contact form to quickly resolve queries.
  • Use polite language when communicating with consultants.
  • Check your Spam folder if you don’t see a response from the email.
  • If the system is overloaded, wait a few minutes for support.


188JILI is committed to providing the best customer service experience. If you encounter any problems, please contact our staff for timely and effective support.